Tuesday, August 18, 2009

good thing...new glasses

So I figured it was about time that I write about something good...about a positive thing happening. Today I got a brand new pair of glasses. I've had my old ones for a little over 4 years. I was way past time to get some new ones. The new ones I picked out are different from the ones I had before. They are more square shaped with thicker frames. I was a little nervous about getting them...wondering what people would think. I did take a good friend with me to pick them out. Also the people at the eye doctor's were really good about helping me choose. Now that I actually have my new glasses and am wearing them, I LOVE them. I'm really glad that I picked them. I think they make me look more mature.

When I went and picked them up today, the lady helping me at the eye doctor's could tell that I was really happy with them. She commented, "You are just so happy." I guess it's just something different. Based on comments that I've received from people that have seen pictures of me in my new glasses, they look good to others too.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

how do I appear?

Sometimes I often wonder if I complain TOO MUCH about the struggles going on in my life. I feel as if I spend too much time dwelling on the bad. I think that people pick up on this. I then wonder if this turns people away; if it makes people not like me?

I really wonder how I appear to other people. Not only how I appear to people in real life, but also how I appear to people who may be reading my blog. Do I come across the same way in both? Or do people see me differently?

To be perfectly honest, I'd like to know that people are reading my blog. I know that it may seem shallow and that I'm striving for attention. I think so much of this wish strives from me jus wanting to know that people care (in both my life and the blogging world). But am I driving people away by the focus and topics of my blog? Would I have more followers if I focused more on the positive things? Or should I remain real to myself?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my vibe????

Now, to some people this post may seem rather strange, or irrational. But it's just my thoughts on something that happened today. I was traveling back from New Mexico. On one of my flights back, both of the seats next to me were empty (I was flying Southwest, so people get to choose their seats). From what I could tell, the other rows had numerous people in them. As people came on after me (I was sitting in a window seat), numerous people passed me or looked around at the seats near me when choosing a seat. I couldn't help but wonder if I put off a certain "vibe" that people don't want to sit near me. I know that I shouldn't feel sad or slightly depressed that perfect strangers didn't want to sit in the same row as me (it didn't even have to be right next to me), but I still have questions. Is it the way I look? Is is the expression on my face? Is it what I'm wearing? What is it that makes them choose another seat?

Like I said, at the beginning of this post, this may not make sense to people. It was just something that I thought off on my flight today.